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Ezivera Academy introduces a brand initiative IT institute for developers and designers. Originally projected company projected with Ezivera Technologies Private Limited IT program as a mission is greatly influenced by the Computer, Technical & Professional literacy mission of Organization. Under this mission every person should be able to get the computer Knowledge. We want to help every person under the computer literacy mission of Ezivera Technologies Pvt. Ltd & provide them guidance for their bright future funds to computer centers, Academies, School, Collages, Societies, Individuals all over India.

Quality of Education

Education provided by an institution who believes in quality rather than quantity our vast and successful experience in IT and credit of training many students nation wide.

ADVANTAGE OF Ezivera Academy :

  • 100% Job Placement.
  • High Package Placement.
  • As well as social and practical knowledge.
  • Knowledge of speaking and sitting pure and prosperous.
  • Computer education at all our centers with English to learn to speak.
  • Students can study at Normal Cost Course fees.
  • Proven success in computer education.
  • Owned and managed by highly qualified & most experienced
  • Management team with more than 5 years of experience.
  • World Class Quality education System.
  • Multimedia and internet & Online based teaching.
  • Use of innovative techniques.
  • Facility to always learn and teach more uniquely.
  • Child-friendly stress-free environment.
  • Colorful, chirpy & air-cooled/air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Reasonable franchise fee & royalty.
  • 100% Team management focus on running Centre.
  • Better Opportunities
  • Excellent &Easy Communications Skills.

Director Message

Ezivera Academy ( A Unit of Ezivera Technologies Private Limited )
The top learning system is a unique and challenging mode of education offered at the word class education level. This system provides ample opportunities for those who to have institution education. We provide access to high quality computer education to all those who seek it, irruptive of age , region or formal qualification. We are promoting and developing Information Technology in India the help candidate to select the study center, preferably of their own choice. I promised to all student to provide them world class education in the Institute. All the labs & laboratories are well equipped with all modern & High-Tech equipment. Our institution of higher learning must generate new knowledge & transforming dreams into reality for our youth. I am sure our student can meet any demand & challenges. That the employer may have on them.